Fireside Resort

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    Custom Content Management System, Mobile Version, Web Marketing Services, Google Analytics Setup and Maintenance, Hosting
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    Fireside Resort
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Fireside Resort is a newly created cabin and glamping resort within the borders of the legendary Jackson Hole Campground.

The new component represents a creative evolution of the traditional campground and offers a completely new style of mountain town lodging – a hybrid between camping, a luxury hotel suite and a private vacation rental cabin.

VR Interactive brought the stunning design of Tim Tomkinson to life in a cozy, yet modern, website that is appreciated by many who never even come to reside in the fabulous Fireside cabins and glamping tents.

Since approximately one in five smartphone users actually use their device to make a reservation, Fireside Resort needed to look good on the mobile platform, too. A mobile version of the site was the best solution for this situation, so it became a reality very quickly (and beautifully).

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